Why a slipcover?

There are two main reasons: One reason is you want to reuse something you already own, inherit or find. l love recycling old furniture and transforming a shabby, tired chair into something fresh and inviting.  But perhaps the best reason to invest in slipcovers is that they can be washed or dry cleaned whenever necessary. Honestly, how likely are you to have your couch or chair steam cleaned? When you wash your couch and chair covers in addition to dusting, vacuuming the floors, and cleaning the cobwebs from the corners, the whole room is fresh and ready to be lived in.

The Process:

A successful slipcover begins with the pattern. If the pattern and grain line aren’t right, the finished slipcover won’t be right. After we agree to work together, I will come to your home and measure for fabric. I use muslin to drape a pattern on your piece of furniture; using pins and markers. I usually follow the design of the original furniture, keeping as many of the original style lines as possible. But you are the ultimate designer! You can keep the styling or not; fitted slipcover or loose, skirt or no skirt, cording or no cording. I then take the rough muslin pattern back to the workroom, where I clean up the pattern and sew a sample slipcover, also in muslin. I then put the sample cover on the furniture to check the fit, marking any adjustments that need to be made. Once the fitting and pattern corrections are made I cut the real slipcover fabric.

All Slipcovers Include:

Over-locked edges, pre-washing the fabric if necessary (there is a charge for this service), delivery of finished product unless otherwise arranged and excellent customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get fabric on my own or do I have to buy it from you?

  • Slips carries several lines of top-quality upholstery fabric that are ideal for slipcovers. We prefer that you get your fabric from us for the following reasons:
  • If for any reason there is a major flaw in the fabric, we can get more fabric immediately. If there is a flaw with fabric you provide, we will have to put the project on hold while we wait for replacement fabric—which isn't always available because the fabric was bought on sale, from a jobber, or online; the company has gone out of business; or the fabric was bought through a brother-in-law who doesn't have time to deal with finding more for you. Slips does not take responsibility for a client's own fabric. Minor fabric flaws will not be cut around
  • If you chose a fabric that has a pattern or stripe that must be matched, Slips cannot provide an accurate yardage estimate in advance. In addition, the quoted labor price will need to be adjusted midway through the project.
  • Slips knows what happens after laundering our own fabrics. We cannot anticipate the effects of laundering on your fabrics.
  • If you feel strongly about using your own fabric, we ask that you provide at least 15% extra.

2. How long does it take to get a slipcover?

The timing depends on Slips' overall workflow. Budget three to four weeks once the details are agreed on. The bigger the job the longer it takes.

3. Can you help me re-stuff my cushion?

Usually we can. Sometimes it's simpler to replace the cushion.

4. Can you get me new foam?


5. What if I am not happy with my slipcover?

(This has never happened to us!) Our first priority is that you are happy with your decision to use Slips - and you are pleased with your slipcover.

6. There are so many choices! Will you help me choose a fabric?

We would be happy to help you choose the right fabric for your slipcover! Your lifestyle determines the kind of fabric that will work, as does where the piece of furniture is located, how much it is used, and by whom. Kids? Dogs? Cats? Grown-ups only? We'll consider all these factors as we work with you to craft a new look (or revamp an old one) for your furniture.